About Studio tik:tok


Founded in 2014, Studio Tik:Tok is a design and communication company, aiming to breakthrough the monotony and recreate a happy branding space. We ideate, imagine and execute ideas to life with strategic insights. It is always an interplay of ideas and strategy that makes the brand magical!

As communication designers, we ensure that every creative element is at play while we follow the strategic path. Studio Tik:Tok is a melting pot of all art forms. Right from graphic-illustrators, practicing artists to performing artists. Each one brings in our own unique skill-set to the table, taking the level of creativity a notch higher, one brand at a time.

Core Team

Zuber Shaikh

Co-Founder, Creative Lead, Designer

His design dreams just got wings at the Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU, Baroda where he specialized in Graphic Design. Over his industry span, he’s been lucky enough to have worked at several design fronts, and that too under the reigns of biggies like: O&M, CreativeLand Asia and Marching Ants. But, with Studio Tik:Tok he has found his ground to explore, experience and experiment. His love for Typography and Illustrations is difficult to miss out. He is known for his short-lived affair.

Riddhi Shah

Co-Founder, Project Manager

She is this one free-spirited soul at Studio Tik:Tok. Her love for freedom and openness is reflected in her works. Originally a Practising Artist, she graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda with specialization in Painting. She has displays and exhibitions across the country, with the most prominent being the India Art Fair, Group Shows Delhi, Mumbai etc. She is also a proud recipient of Nasreen Mohammadie Scholarship, 2008 and The Ministry of Culture Award for Young Artist.

Sashikanth Thavudoz

Co-Founder, Film Maker

He is a multidisciplinary artist with a distinguished career. In 2024, he won the prestigious India Art Fair X BMW – The Future is Born of Art award, among numerous other accolades and international art residencies. His deep interest in art and design history gives profound meaning to his creations. Sashi’s filmmaking skills significantly enhance the team, and his perpetual interest in new technologies and software drives the studio’s innovative edge.

Yusuf Zamani

Director, Creative Lead, Designer

Zamani’s specialisation in Graphic Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU, Baroda, led him to a successful professional stint in Communication and Branding. He strikes a perfect chord between the design aesthetics and business strategies. He’s won accolades at the Goa Fest India. His work is also shared at various places like: The Poster for Tomorrow 2013 & 2015. Zamani joined Studio Tik:Tok in 2017, aiming to add some more colours of art into this world. If not working.

Praveen Mahida

Creative Partner

Graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Arts, MSU, Baroda, his affinity towards Brand Design is unexplainable. His flair for Paper-cutting and Typography is just on point but, his love-affair with grey tones seems to be a lasting one! And putting all of this aside, he loves Kick-Boxing to stay fit and fine.

Ritu Gosai

Senior Strategist and Client Service Representative

With a decade of experience spanning retail, IT, and media, she previously worked as a Marketing Manager at Inorbit Mall, Vadodara. Her expertise encompasses marketing communication, brand strategy, event management, social media marketing, and planning and execution of ATL and BTL campaigns, making her a great addition of Studio Tiktok team



Hemakshi Vala is a copywriter at Studio Tiktok, bringing a unique blend of artistic and literary skills to the team. Trained as a painter at MS University of Baroda, Hemakshi is calm, focused, and dedicated to her craft. She has a keen interest in publication design and copywriting, making her a versatile and valuable member of the studio.

Tarang Acharya

Jr. Designer

Stands out as the youngest member of the team. His design approach is dynamic and fresh, bringing innovative perspectives to every project. Beyond his professional talents, Tarang has a deep passion for music, which often inspires his creative work.

Raghib Contractor

Web Developer

Virtual space is his playground and codes are his weapons. A Certified Computer Professional with 8 years of work experience, he is the Digital Don at Studio Tik:Tok. His passion to instill life into the virtual world has got him to ace the areas of Website development, App development and SEOs.

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